Rise of the Jack O Lanterns - Old Westbury, NY

A week ago, on Halloween, several of my friends and I went to the Rise of the Jack O Lanterns at Old Westbury, NY. It is an annual event where 5,000 pumpkins are carved with various faces/shapes/etc and displayed along a path for people to view.

It took about 20minutes for us to walk through since it was raining and there were quite a few people there. The park was really dark so most of my photos are grainy and at some points the lens was wet but I tried!

My favorite two pieces had to be the huge giant tree covered in pumpkins and the memorial for all of those that passed away this year. I have carved pumpkins before and it takes a really long time for something simple and to see them carved/shaved at this magnitude was very impressive.

If you are interested, go check out their website next year for tickets! I bought mine off of living social so it was a bit cheaper =)

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