Photography: Long Exposures

I have always been asked how I shoot my long exposures at night or what the right settings are. Most of my photos that I have taken in the last nine years have been trial and error and getting to learn how my camera processes light.

This one is currently hanging in my bedroom wall on canvas!

I absolutely love talking about photography and teaching people what I have learned but in the end, all cameras are different! In order for you to take long exposures, you would definitely have to know how to use the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to get the affect you want.

I personally love long exposures where the lights have a 'star' affect and the water is smooth. For those photos, I always shoot with a small aperture, long shutter speed (30 secs or more), and the lowest ISO possible. Since I have used my cameras for so long, it takes me one or two photos before I get the right one for my liking!

Some of my favorite long exposures that I have taken over the years are in this blog post =). Have a look!

I had this printed on Metallic photo paper and it's so beautiful

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