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Wow! Long time no food review! I'm a bit hungry today so why not look at pictures of yummy food?

I went to Soba-ya with my husband awhile back and never got around to writing up a post about it. We were looking for a random place to find food while we wait for our dog to be ready for pickup after her surgery. It was a cold day so noodles  and hot soup was appropriate. We arrived at Soba-ya pretty early, around 6pm and there wasn't a line thankfully since we were both hungry.

My husband ordered the Tempura Udon which was very tasty but in my opinion a very small portion. I remember looking at the dish when it first came out and thinking it would not fill me up. Maybe I was starving but it did look small to me!

I ordered the Curry Pork Katsu udon which was very filling and not too salty at all. This was a special for that season so you wouldn't find this there everyday. The pork was very juicy and not overcooked and the curry had nice spice flavoring.

For dessert we both shared a Green Tea creme brûlée which was a bit underwhelming. I didn't find it anything special but if you like green tea and custard, try it out!

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