BarBacon: Hell's Kitchen, NYC

Bacon. What else is there to say but, bacon. I must say I do love bacon and going to BarBacon for dinner with some friends was going to be interesting. All in all, I would say that its worth a visit for those who are obsessed with bacon, but the food was not memorable and I don't crave it.

We had went to eat there around dinner time and we were able to get a table for 9 people with no problem. We did have a reservation however so if you have a large group, I would call in since they were pretty busy. The music is also pretty loud so be prepared to speak very loudly if you want others to hear you.

The Tasting: (Appetizer)

We were given two slices of four select types of artisanal bacon. I honestly don't remember all the flavors we had but one, which was the jalapeno. It had the right amount of kick mixed in with the saltiness of the bacon.

BarBacon Banh mi : (Entree)

The banh mi was a bit salty to my liking but the meat inside was juicy and tender. If the amount of salt was pulled back a bit, I would highly recommend this to anyone

BarBacon BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich: (Entree)

The pulled pork sandwich was also very moist and highly recommended by others who have eaten there before. For me, it was not memorable and it was like any other BBQ pork sandwich out there.

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