Kollaboration New York Spotlight at Toshi's living room! 7/31/2014

(Our lovely host for the night : Qurrat Ann Kadwani from qkadwani.com/theycallmeq/)

In just 4 days, Kollaboration NY will be having our annual showcase at NYU skirball, after months of preparation! Before that happens though, we had two spotlights and a couple of open mics for our contestants this year to show off their skills to their friends as well as new fans. To buy tickets to this years show, visit : bit.ly/kny9tix!

Last month, we had our second live show at Toshi's living room where we had another three finalists come and perform.

Lionel Yu aka MusicalBasics - Lionel is a pianist who happens to have the same name as my little brother! He started his youtube page in 2008 and he currently has 17k subscribers with 4.7million views! He writes his own music and watching him perform is a show in itself.  

Grace Shay - The only female finalist this year, Grace had wowed me during her audition earlier this year. I remember her singing a song that she had written for a friend and it showcased her powerful voice as well a as powerful message. After seeing her audition, I seriously went and looked her up on youtube for more videos!

Sung Lee - Sung is a beat boxer who has won several competitions in the last few months including at the Apollo (TWICE!). He uses a looper to record sounds and plays them back to create music and you wouldn't even know the difference! He does a variety of genres including hip hop and even EDM!

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