Crafting days: Lord of The Rings inspired birthday party

Two weeks ago I wrote about some citronella candles that I had made for a BBQ get together which had a silhouette of the fellowship glued onto the mason jars. This weeks post is to show off some of the other things I had made which were all related to the best movies ever ;)

Lembas bread: 

Materials used

  • Paper
  • String
  • Sugar cookies from the super market
  • Lembas bread leaf wrapper template

I am fully aware that the leaf wrapper looks phallic but we are all adults here! I had cut all of the wrappers by hand after printing out the leaf markings since my silhouette would not have cut that large size. I ended up making 40 of these which didn't take so long.

I could have baked my own cookies for it, but come on, I am no baker! I ended up buying sugar cookies from the super market and it worked out perfectly. The tags were drawn and cut by the silhouette cameo.

Directions and Signs

Materials used

  • Paper
  • Paint
  • cardboard
  • Patterned scissors
For the directions, I actually use some old cardboard and since I did not have the right sized paintbrush, I used my finger to write the locations out. To make sure they attached to the pole, I poked some holes and strung some twine and tied it to the pole that was conveniently on the sidewalk.

For the other signs, they were printed and I used patterned scissors to make it look like the edges were torn/tattered. 

Gandalf's fireworks

Materials used

  • Paper
  • Glue
  • CANDY!
  • chopsticks 
I was originally going to add more fireworks to the jar but I have to admit that I got lazy and rather than make a lot of fireworks, I added colorful candy aka pixie sticks!

I would say that working on all of these took me about 5-6 hours to do since it was a lot of manual cutting but I think it still came out well and it was worth it to me!

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