Throwback Thursday: Alaskan Cruise from Seattle, Washington

This weeks throwback is to 2011 when I went on my first ever cruise with some awesome people. The reason why? Well next week, I am going on another cruise but this time with my mom and aunt! Normally, my vacations are centered around hiking, moving, walking around, exploring but I absolutely love cruises which are the complete opposite.

For several days, I get to sit back, get fat, and still see some new places! For the Alaskan cruise 3 years ago, we flew out to Seattle which I have written about before and set out for some beautiful sights of glaciers and cold waters. We were on the Holland America 'Oosterdam' ship which isn't that large but still had things for us to see when we were on the ship.

Unfortunately for us, we booked our cruise near the end of the season and we had hit hurricane force winds which cancelled a lot of our excursions but we made the most out of it.

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