Throwback Thursday: Kukup fishing village, Malaysia

It has been almost three years since I have been in Malaysia and it's crazy how time flies! One of the locations that I got to visit was Kukup which is a small fishing village which is famous for their open air seafood restaurants!

The night time view of the buildings along the water was very calming. Especially from NYC, you don't get to see view likes this often.

We stayed there for one night and the food was amazing. After dinner, someone started some fireworks and another group started to light lanterns to release into the sky. I haven't done it before so I asked my cousins if we can do it and they gladly obliged.

The second day, we were took a small little boat where we visited where they grow the fish which is probably about a mile out from the coast.

If you have the time, visit Kukup! The seafood is great but be warned that most of the buildings have plumbing that come from the river, so if you are not comfortable with that you might want to rethink it.

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