Throwback Thursday: Syndey Opera House, Australia

I have been writing a lot about Utah and Arizona in the last few weeks so I decided to switch gears and talk about my tour of the Sydney Opera house!

On our second in Sydney, we had a big rain storm so we were looking for things to do indoors. Before we left for our honeymoon, I had done research for these things just in case of weather and I had know about the tours that were given daily. We got to opera house and we were able to sign up for one of the last tours for the day. They were actually closing early due to a performance rehearsal later that day.

The tour was $75AUD and it is worth it if you are interested in learning more about how the opera house was built and more about the architecture of the building. We were able to walk through the whole building and stepped into one of the theaters to listen to the acoustics while a group practiced.

If you have the time or maybe its raining out, go check it out!

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