Throwback Thursday: Desert View Watchtower Part 2 - Daytime views

So last week (link here in caused you missed it) I wrote about the Desert View Watchtower at the Grand Canyon and showed pictures of how the view is at night. This week, I am back talking about the same view but during the day.

During the day, you can go up the watch tower and you can have a 360 view of the canyon's south rim. Since the landscape is pretty flat, you can view miles and miles out with nothing getting in your way.

After you are down looking at the spectacular views, you can go visit the little gift shop on the ground floor to buy whatever you want! If you were to ask me though, which view is the best I would definitely say that nighttime is better =). Coming from a big city, I don't get to see the night sky filled with stars and this is one of the best places to view it at night.

BONUS PIC! This was my husband and I at the outdoor viewing area. Don't mind the way I was dressed, I was wearing something comfy for our long ride out from Grand Canyon to Horse shoe Bend

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