Throwback Thursday: Desert View Watchtower, Grand Canyon South Rim

If you are visiting Grand Canyon National Park, make one of your stops the Desert View Watchtower. It is a high point of view that overlooks the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and it is only open for certain times of the day. You can still look around the watchtower after it closes but the view is definitely different from the top.

We originally came  here on our first day at Grand Canyon but by the time we got there, the top of the tower was closed. We hung around the area and took some photos of the sunset and photos of the stars at night. It is very dark in the area and there is also wildlife so make sure that you bring strong flashlights.

The view during the day is completely different so this might be worth it to come back twice. It's actually not that far from the main part of the national park.  All of the photos so far from this post were during the sunset and that;s when you can get the nice blue hues from the sky and land. If you come during the day, everything will be bright orange! I'll continue to post more photos of this location during the day in a part two if this post!

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