Throwback Thursday: Horseshoe bend, Arizona

Not too far from Antelope Canyon, there is another attraction that is well known to a lot of photographers and tour companies. It is called the Horse shoe bend where is it one of the most photographed areas of the Colorado river that runs through Arizona.

This hike was an easy one, with about a quarter mile uphill and the rest was flat to the edge. The total trip was about 1 mile each way. When we got there, several other tour buses were stopped there to wait for the sunset just like we were. We arrived about 30 minutes before so that we can find a place to set up our cameras and to enjoy the view.

Be careful if you do want to get to the edge though, there are warnings all over the edge mentioning that the rock is soft and could break under pressure. There are also a lot of people on the edge so don't be too "brave"!

I highly suggest getting there close to sunset and bringing some flashlights cause the light will dissipate quickly and there are no lights along the path towards the car park. Be prepared!

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