Throwback Thursday: Antelope Canyon Nov 2014

Entering the canyon via a staircase

I can't believe that it has been 3 months since I went to Antelope Canyon. Ever since starting photography in 2008 it has always been on my list of places to see! There are two canyons (lower and upper) and both require tours in order to visit them. There are several tour companies and we went with Ken's tours for the lower canyon.

There were six of us and we had to split up since half of us had "professional" cameras and the other half had "non professional". The regular tour is only an hour and the tour guides are really good at pointing out different features along the canyon. For me, I joined a photographers tour which was two hours and no guide. Even though I didn't have a guide, we met many along the way and they were happy to tell us where and when was the best time/place to take a photo!

Luckily for my friends and I, we ran into another photography tour and they timed it where a light shaft was coming down into the canyon. The light shafts are really hard to time and unless you are in the canyon everyday (like a tour guide) you would have no idea when to go! For now, this has been checked off my bucket list, but I will make it back there one day =)

Lower Canyon from above

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