Throwback Thursday: The Bay of Fundy and St Martins in Canada

During last year's cruise to Canada, we took a little tour to the Bay of Fundy and a little fishing village named St Martins. This was available when we docked in St John and the drive out was about 45mins to 1 hour. The entire ride with the tour guide was very fun since she was very knowledgeable and very witty.

We drove out first to the Bay of Fundy where you are only able to walk out to the cave at a specific time of day when the water is at low tide. We got there just in time and I was able to make the 20 minute walk out there to step into that cold water!

Right next to the bus stop, there was a place well known for the clam chowder and it has got to be the best place I have ever had a New England clam chowder. It had chunks of fish and crab and it was nice and creamy. I honestly might make that same drive out there on my own since it's not too far from Maine.

After a short visit, we got back onto the bus and headed to St Martins which is a small fishing village. The water was in low tide but in the short time we were there, the water level definitely went up pretty quickly.

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