Throwback Thursday: Hobbiton, New Zealand

You can't visit New Zealand and miss out on Hobbiton which is in a little town called Matamata. We joined a tour which picked us up from Rotorua which was our second day into the New Zealand part of the trip. The drive from Rotorua was about two hours but our bus driver was really friendly and got us to our destination while giving us a little history of the area and Hobbiton itself.

When we reached the movie set, it was unlike any other. All of the houses were different sizes and precisely placed so that they would look normal through a camera lens. We walked around with a tour guide and it was a little hard to get pictures without people in it but we managed as much as we can.

If you ever have the chance and you are travelling to the North Island, definitely stop by! Just remember, you are not allowed to go into the movie set without one of the tour guides so I would buy in advance.

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