Renaissance Faire: Tuxedo Park, NY

I originally heard about the Renaissance Faire two years ago and I finally had a chance to go this year. One of my good friends from work moved to Phoenix, Arizona and as a going away, he invited friends and family to spend a day there.

We spent most of the day there and I honestly wish I would have dressed up. Walking around the fair there were plenty of people who were in character which was very fun to watch. Some of them even had elaborate costumes that took a lot of time to make. Speaking of costumes that take a long time to make, if you have been to the fair before you would have see this character. He is actually one of my coworkers and he works the fair every year, every weekend. His hat took him several hours to plan and to make!

The day started off with watching a show called the "Birds of Prey" and I actually learned a lot about the birds that they had. If you have any kids (or adults too) who are very interested in this sort of thing, it is definitely a must see.

We saw one more show and for the rest of the day we walked around the whole fair because we didn't want to miss one thing. So we walked around looking at all the different things that were being sold and I swear I had to fight myself from buying a lot of things, including the silicon elf ears!

The day ended with a joust which was pretty entertaining. Definitely a good show for adults and kids alike. We somehow ended up on the "evil" side of the house so we knew our knight was going to lose, but it was fun shouting the different chats at the top of our lungs.

More pictures below!

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