10k+ Views!!!!

In the middle of the night last night, I have reached another goal with this blog. Ten thousand views since I started it earlier this year!!

Thank you to all of those who regularly visit my blog and read through my randomness that I spew out. This is the first time I have been writing in a blog consistently and I don't plan on stopping!!

My original intentions with this blog are still being done so I am glad that I didn't stray too far from that. I have found that I am consistently writing about the following topics and I want to continue them because this blog is a reflection of me!

Travel: I like travelling and I will continue to write about it as much as I can. With a full time job, it's hard to go places but it can be done =)

Food: I haven't done many recipes since I don't have the time to try to expand my cooking skills, but I do have some fun posts for Halloween and Christmas planned!

Crafts: One of the newer topics that I started about 2months ago. I was reluctant at first to add my DIY/Crafting posts but I haven't received any negative feedback so far and it's working so I'll keep doing it!

Photography: I haven't done a lot of posts on photography since it does take time so hopefully I can do more of that for the next 10k views =)

Once again, thank you everyone. Couldn't have done it without my readers and my friends.

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