Pumpkin carving

So two weekends ago, I went pumpkin picking at Melville, Long Island and I got myself a tiny little one to carve a design on. This past weekend, the same group of friends got together and got dirty carving!

Our friends have hosted a pumpkin carving day for the last 7 years and my husband and I have joined the last three. The first year, I carved a medium sized pumpkin and it took me a very long time, so long I actually didn't carve one last year. This year, we were all determined to make it easier on ourselves so we picked up a pumpkin gutter bit and a dremel!

We take carving seriously.

VERY Seriously....

If you have read the last post, I mentioned that I was going to do a design related to one of my favorite TV shows. If you can't recognize it, it is the Lannister house sigil from the Game of Thrones! Yes, I am a big time dork =)

So serious, we even carve watermelons!!

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