Photographing pastel artwork

A few weeks ago I was asked by my sister in law to photograph some artwork for a long time friend and when she handed me the drawings it was mind blowing. It was as if I was looking at an actual picture instead of a hand drawn piece of work!

Melissa Caparelli uses soft chalk pastels to recreate photos that were taken of different subjects and she is able to capture the emotion and lighting. If you are interested, you can find her instagram here! She does do commissions and I am seriously considering having a portrait done of my first pet =)

I took these photos on my kitchen floor because we have a lot of daylight that comes into the room. To protect the artwork, I laid white foam on the floor and it also provided a clean background for the photos. Later in post I used the white foam to correct the color temperature since she will be printing the photos out so it is important to keep the color correctly.

The lighting in our kitchen coming from our backdoor.

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