Throwback Thursday: Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

The best thing about New Zealand for me was being surrounded by nature and the crisp clean air when waking up in the morning. Normally I am not a morning person, but if I lived in NZ, I probably would be!

My favorite morning waking up was in Mount Cook National park. We had a nice big window view of the mountains and when you stepped outside, the air was so clean and crisp it was like instant caffeine. Honestly, if I had a chance to re-do the honeymoon and plan everything again, I would have chose to spend another night here.

We were lucky enough to visit the national park on one of the rare days where Mt. Cook was not covered in clouds. Accommodations are a a bit more expensive here since it is in the middle of nowhere and you are MILES away from other places to stay, but it was worth every penny. For this location, we splurged on the hotel but we were still pleasantly surprised by the decor.

Everything was super modern and it included a kitchen as well!

While we were at the national park, we joined a 4WD & Argo tour that took us to see the Tasman Glacier. On our way to the hotel, we got stuck in a ditch (we'll talk about that another day) and luckily they allowed us to shift the tour up one hour. The tour itself was about 1.5hrs and it was so fun to sit in one of the Argo vehicles.

The national park is also one of the best places in the WORLD to see the night sky but unfortunately for us, we decided to book the hotel on the night of the full moon. We weren't able to see the stars but we did go out at night to take some photos. The following photo was actually taken at 10pm at night.

We were really sad to leave this place and both my husband and I would have liked to stay another night. (He's actually sitting in the car, he doesn't want his mug on the internet ;))

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