Pumpkin picking at F&W Schmitt's farm - Melville, NY

Yesterday I went pumpkin picking for the first time since I was really young. I vaguely remember going once before but I am not sure exactly how old I would have been or if it was with a school trip. The pumpkins we picked today are going to be transformed in the near future for an annual pumpkin carving day with friends so I was pretty excited to find the right one.

We went with several other friends and it was overwhelming but fun at the same time! It was a little bit cold from the wind but the sun was strong enough to keep us warm while we shopped around the pumpkin patch.

At the end I was able to find the one that is perfect for the template I have chosen. *HINT* It's from one of my favorite TV shows ;). Stay tuned to find out how it turns out!!

My tiny pumpkin that will be carved!

Can someone tell me why someone would buy one of these? Decoration maybe?

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