My first world wide Instameet!

 Last Sunday I joined TWO Instameets for Instagram's official world wide meetups! Unfortunately the first one did not work out as planned since the organizer did not even show up to her own event. All of those that did show up to Washington Square Park hung out and walked around the neighborhood and got to know each other before the second started in the late afternoon.

We started to head north and stopped by a few places to take some videos as well as photos! The first stop was the Washington Mews, which is this small gated private community between fifth and university place. I honestly have never noticed this cute little street before!

The second instameet was a scavenger hunt that was hosted by several groups from Instagram. It was better organized and there were a lot more people who joined us. We had five photo clues and each clue led us to take photos of a building or structure within NYC. We started at Herald Square and ended up at Gantry State Park in LIC, Queens.

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