Throwback Thursday: Harriman State Park, NY

Three years ago for my birthday, a bunch of my friends and myself went hiking at Harriman State Park for some fall foliage! My birthday is during the peak so we went for a nice hike to get some exercise as well as some views. We definitely were not disappointed. Just next time, we should leave earlier and avoid eating at Mitsuwa!

During this time, I had my Canon 7D and it was also my first time hiking so it was a very interesting experience. I remember wearing sneakers with zero grip, which was not the brightest idea and it was a few days after some rain so the leaves decaying did not help! I didn't fall but it would have been bad if I did, but it's okay I had some great people to carry me all the way back to the car ;)

Bonus picture! My silly friends and I =)

This year, I turn 30 and I might want to do another fall foliage hike but I am not sure where to go. Any suggestions? Don't worry, this time I have REAL hiking boots and a smaller camera so I won't hurt myself haha.

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