Throwback Thursday: Malacca, Malaysia

Malacca is the third smallest state in Malaysia and was originally under Portuguese control as one of the port towns in the country. When walking around, you can see that the architecture was heavily influenced by the Portuguese, especially around the 'A Famosa' fortress.

We stayed there for only one night and went primarily for food, of course. We got there early in the morning and stood online for Chicken rice balls at Chop Chung Wah. The restaurant is famous for their rice balls and everywhere there is a line outside on Jonker street. We didn't wait that long since a waitress was taking our orders, so that once we sat down our food was ready for us. I think we literally sat down and ate within 20 minutes which was a shorter time than the wait to get into the restaurant! 

After chowing down, we walked around the historical parts of the city to take photos, which included a visit to the previously mentioned Portuguese fortress.

This was probably the hottest day for us during our vacation so for us to cool down, we went to San Shu Gong for some durian cendol! For those who don't know, cendol is an ice dessert with coconut milk and various other add-ons. At San Shu Gong, they served cendol with bits of durian in it! For those who can't stand the smell of durian, I would not recommend that you step into the restaurant/store because once you walk into the shop, it is like walking into a wall of durian, haha. With that said, if you love durian, this is the place to be! They sold various durian products including a 400grams of durian jam for about $3.60USD!

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