Hide-Chan Ramen : Midtown Manhattan, NY

The winter in NYC has been very brutal and every time it goes below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, I always crave warm noodle soups of some kind. This meal served a double purpose and it was actually the first time I ever ate alone and what better place to start than a ramen restaurant? I looked on Urbanspoon for some places to visit and found Hide-Chan so I decided to stop by.

Before I went, I looked up other food blogs and they all recommended the the spicy black ramen so I entered with a game plan. I walked over from work and they seated me right at the bar next to a few others who were eating alone. I don't know why, but I have always felt weird for eating alone but today I was fine with it.

I noticed that it was happy hour so I also ordered their karaage off of their appetizer menu which was 50% before 6:30pm. In all honesty, Jin Ramen's karaage was much better. While it was still moist, it did not have much seasoning as did Jin Ramen's version.

For my main course, I ordered their Hakata spicy black ramen with firm noodles and their rich broth. I actually never found it to be spicy but please do not use me as a comparison. I grew up eating spices and I often find many things not spicy at all. I did find the bowl of ramen to be a bit oily for my liking but that is the style of this particular ramen. I still did enjoy it and would recommend it to those visit Hide-Chan.

Hide-Chan Ramen on Urbanspoon

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