Thai Tom - Seattle 2011 - throwback Thursday

In 2011, a group of us had taken a trip out there to join a cruise to Alaska but this throwback Thursday will not feature that part yet. As suggested by the title, today's tbt is Seattle!

That day, we had a very early flight out to the west coast and by the time we landed all of us were pretty hungry. The first thing we did after picking up the rental car was to find a place to eat. We all like Asian food so we had looked for the best Thai around the area. We ended up at Thai Tom and eating there was a experience in itself. 

We chose to sit at the bar which allowed us to watch the cook prepare our food right in front of our faces. From our point of view we were able to see all of the spices that went into our dishes. There was definite flair in how it was prepared but did it pass the taste test? It sure did! 

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