Throwback Thursday: Lynn Canyon Park, Vancouver, Canada 2011

On our Northwest trip back in 2011, we had landed in Seattle and decided to drive up to Vancouver for a weekend before our Alaskan Cruise started. On our way up, we were looking out the windows with gaping mouths because of all the tall trees and mountains surrounding us. Coming from NYC, you don't really see that often! I guess that's how people feel like when walking through the streets and viewing our tall skyscrapers lol.

On this trip, we wanted to do some hiking so we looked up a few places nearby where we were staying and we started to read about Lynn Canyon Park. It wasn't too far and there was also a suspension bridge that we can walk across. It was quite a hike for us to get there, but we were prepared. At this time, I had my Canon 7D swinging around my neck and thankfully I wasn't too clumsy. Now I actually travel with my Sony Nex 6 so that I wouldn't have too much weight on me.

We also couldn't resist taking a group picture  =)

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