Kansas City, MO

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to Kansas City for a conference. I had been there before but it was only for 24hours and it didn't count. This time I was there for three days and I was able to see a bit more of the city. The weather while I was there was absolutely beautiful. Similar to NYC at the time, it was 56 degrees and dry. It made walking around very comfortable with just a sweat shirt and long jeans on.

The first day, I was able to go inside the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts and it was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately I only had 10 minutes to spend there so I took as many pictures as I could inside. The volunteer staff was telling us the story of the architecture but we really had to leave. I felt so bad for cutting her short since she seemed very excited to talk to someone that day haha. I tried going again the next day to take more pictures but since there was an event, they told me I needed a ticket. I just stuck to exterior shots at that point.

The second day, I had a bit more time after the conference so I walked to Union station to take some photos of the interior of the building. The walk was around 40 minutes. I was walking around when the security guard noticed me and said "You can also go up to that balcony over there". He then pointed me towards the second floor which had a nice overlook into the main hall. I was surprised and was originally afraid he was going to tell me that I was taking too many pictures or something.

The last day I was there I decided to head over to the City Market that was located in the River district which was a 15 minute walk from my hotel. The night before I looked up what was around the area and saw that there is a flea market along with a Japanese good store, and I knew I had to go. The food around the area was cheap and it was a beautiful day to just go out and shop and take it slow before I hopped onto a train.

More pictures below!

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