Sabrina's cafe & Spencer's too

On a day trip to Philly, we decided to stop by Sabrina's cafe & Spencer's too for brunch. We arrived at 11am and there was quite a few people waiting outside. We did have 10 people so it took us awhile to sit down, and even then we were split up into two tables.

In the middle of the menu, there were the specials and if you are a Game of Thrones fan, you would find it funny! All of the specials were named after different events/people from the show and we had to order it. We ordered the Red Wedding feast special platter and Daenerys dragon egg white omelette.

The portions are large and the food is tasty! If you are planning on stopping by this location, make sure you get there early or have time to wait.

Red Wedding Marriage Feast Special

Daenerys Egg White Omelette 

French Toast

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  1. I love brunch! I've never been to Philadelphia, though.

    P.S. Nice to meet you at Alt on Topic!