Throwback Thursday: Genting Highlands, Malaysia 2012

While looking through old pictures and trying to find a place to write about for this weeks throwback, I stumbled onto my photos taken in one of our mini trips in Malaysia back in 2012. Our family rented a bus and about 15 of us went on a bus ride to Genting Highlands which is a casino up on a mountain.

I am not much of a gambler but I was still excited to go so that I can see the views of the surrounding areas. We left really early on day 1, before the sun even rose. I planned on sleeping during the bus ride but as the sun made its way up, the fog started to roll in making the view along the way too pretty to pass up.

At the casino itself, there were plenty of beautiful views since we were at the top of a mountain but I had to wait until the second day since the first day it rained and the clouds covered the entire area.

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