Onya restaurant - Midtown Manhattan

What's the best kind of food one could have when it is raining cats and dogs outside? RAMEN NOODLES! I really have to repeat myself on this but I absolutely love ramen and a coworker had brought me to a new place for lunch during one of the rainy days last week.

Onya is located on 47th street between Lexington ave and Third ave in Manhattan. It is tucked away in between a few other Japanese restaurants and if it wasn't for the line out the door, I wouldn't have noticed it. This place is cafeteria style and it has seating upstairs and in the back. Even in the rain, people still lined up for this and I was pretty excited.

Their menu is pretty simple and they have add-ons that you are can put into your noodles. I ended up with the sukiyaki beef ramen noodles. The broth was made from a salty fish and even though it was tasty, it was on the salty side for me. The noodles were also udon, which is awesome and it was cooked perfectly.

I only recommend this if you like salty ramen broth, and if it is a very cold/rainy day outside.

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