Mermaid Oyster Bar: Happy hour for oysters!

There is something about oysters that make me drool and crave for them. My favorite ones are East coast since they aren't as briney as those from the West. I have been to a few places around the city and Mermaid Oyster bar isn't a bad place to get some oysters during happy hour. I have been there twice so far and each time they are packed! Luckily my friends know how to reserve tables, otherwise we would have to wait quite some time to sit down.

If you are craving some oysters, check this place out as they have them for $1 before 7pm on weekdays! They also have other things on their happy hour menu but we don't really pay attention to those, not that they are bad but because we go for something else. Do know that they only serve you twelve max at one time, but if you eat quick that should be no problem! I have eaten 24 of them within an hour, don't judge!

Okay, I lied. I have had their calamari before but its nothing special. It was just like any other place I have been to that served this as an appetizer. The good thing is, it's not too oily.

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