Biscuits and Barbeque : Southern comfort food goodness!

Went to eat at Biscuits and Barbeque for brunch this past weekend and this place is amazing. This small joint is located in the middle of nowhere in Mineola but they have a lot of good business!

We arrived as a part of 6 and we couldn't fit in the booths since they are made for four people. We could have been seated at the bar but they had pulled out a table to fit all of us. If you do plan on going there with more than 6 people, do plan on sitting on different tables. Don't let that deter you from going though as the food is really good.

I ordered the Delta Jambalaya as my main course but I got to try other things because my friends are awesome =)

Fried pickles - This was really good, not too much breading so that you couldn't taste the pickle. 

Fried Green Tomatoes - I had a taste after I ate the pickles and I couldn't really taste the tomato anymore. I don't know if the pickles were overpowering or if this wasn't that good. I would rather order the pickles than this though.

Chicken fried bacon -  the bacon was not bad. The breading to bacon ratio was unbalance though because the bacon strips were thin. I didn't really taste the bacon either

Delta Jambalaya - This was really good! It wasn't so spicy and there were large chunks of chicken and sausage mixed in. Highly recommend this!

I also HIGHLY recommend the grits and cheddar jalapeno mashed potatoes. The grits were very smooth and very tasty and the mashed potatoes was really cheesy.

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