Eating Solo Adventure #2 - Sushi Park - East Village, New York

Another day eating alone and this time I went for sushi. Like the first time, I ordered way too much food for myself but I still forced myself to finish it anyway. This time, I went to eat at Sushi Park in the East Village as suggested by one of my good friends. I arrived around 5:30pm and there was barely anyone there and I was able to request to sit next to the window.

Looking through their menu, they have a special dollar menu every Monday-Thursday. From that menu, I ordered gyoza and three pieces of salmon. I honestly was very tempted to order more but I figured that with my spicy platter, I would be satisfied. Thankfully I didn't order anymore because I ate so much!

If you are in the mood for cheap sushi that won't get you sick, check out Sushi Park. My whole meal was under $15 and it was not bad for the price. I have had better sushi at other places but they are always so expensive.

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