Playa del Carmen, Mexico - Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda resort

Almost two weeks ago, I went to an all inclusive resort for the first time ever. It was for a friend's wedding and I was pretty excited to experience a trip that was relaxing. All vacations for me up to this point was revolved around seeing things and required a lot of walking. Usually I want a 'vacation' after the real one.

We only spent 4 days there but by the end of the vacation, I was ready to come back to NYC. Next time, I would like to go on excursions but for now, a beach resort has been checked off my list of places to visit for vacation.

We stayed at the Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda resort and it was pretty quiet which is a good thing. The first thing I was worried about was younger kids on spring break but we were quite far from the usual haunts. Upon arriving, we were greeted by welcoming staff that handed me a drink that was non alcoholic (thankfully since I hadn't eaten yet) and we sat down to wait for a room to be available.

We headed to our room to find it perfectly clean with one exception, MOSQUITOES! Over the course of the weekend, we killed around 20 of them which bit us up every night. I eventually gave in and bought 'OFF' spray and put it on right before I slept. 

Over the next few days, we walked around the resort early in the morning and around at night as well after dinner. The morning light and the night time lighting was amazing on the resort and I don't regret waking up at 5:30am to reserve spots right by the pool which was conveniently also located right next to the lunch time BBQ grill and drink station.

The resort also had some fun activities, one of which I couldn't pass up! I had to pay for the actual vase, but I got to paint one for myself! It was right by the pool and I honestly thought it wouldn't take me so long for something so small but it took me almost 2 hours to complete painting. I had to make sure that the paint was even and plus, it was very therapeutic. Much needed after drinking a little too much!

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