Bohemian : NOHO, Manhattan

I am usually not a person who goes crazy over secret dining restaurants but I wanted to try at least one of them. In NYC, there are plenty and I happened to get the phone number for Bohemian which is a secret Japanese restaurant in Manhattan. In order to get reservations, you would have to know someone who has gone before and you can only make them 30 days in advance.

My one year anniversary was coming up and we ended up going there for dinner. We both ordered the tasting menu which was only $58 pp, so that we can try the food they had to offer. The portions were small and in the beginning we were both afraid that we would be hungry after dinner but

Farmers vegetable fondue with cream cheese dip : The vegetables were very fresh but this was meant for two people. 

Uni with cream of mushroom croquette: This was my first time eating uni and it was very interesting. I wouldn't say that I loved this dish because of it but the croquette was pretty tasty. I didn't like the uni only because it was brine-y and I don't particularly enjoy that.

 Washu beef sashimi: This is in competition for my favorite dish of the night! The beef was so tender and when paired with the garlic and wasabi, it was so good. Sadly, those pieces of beef were about 1x2 inches and it was shared between the two of us. I really wanted some more of it.

Branzino: This by far was the largest dish and it also took the longest to come out. This is the other competitor for my favorite of the night. The fish was lightly seasoned and cooked with the vegetables which absorbed all of the fish oil. 

Slider: For this part of the course, you can pick either the slider of the sashimi rice bowl. Since there was two of us, we each chose one of them and split it in half to try. The slider was highly recommended on yelp so I was excited to try it but it was nothing special to me. However it was cooked perfectly medium rare.

Sashimi rice bowl: The sashimi rice bowl was also nothing special to me. The fish was really fresh and the rice was nice and sticky.

Panna cotta: The lemon panna cotta was very smooth with the exception of lemon zest inside. Very tasty as well.

Overall this place is very  nice if you are looking for a special restaurant to celebrate an event. There is a 2 hour limit to seating though as they can fit about 20 people at one time. We did get to stay a little later than 2 hours since the fish came out later than expected. Even though the portions were small, we still left pretty full.

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