Crafting Days! : Hand Carved stamps

So I have been holding onto these for about three weeks now since I wanted to give them to my friends at our monthly craft meetup. It was so hard to keep them a secret but now I can finally show them off! I got the idea while searching through Pinterest (of course) and I already had the supplies so I wanted to give it a try

Supplies needed:

  • Image to cut
  • Printer
  • Tracing paper - I used Vellum
  • Pencil
  • Linoleum cutter - I used a speedball cutting tool
  • Carving block - I used the speedball speedy carve block
  • Patience
1. I first found an image of what I wanted to carve and printed it onto regular paper

2. I then used vellum and my pencil to trace what I wanted to carve

3. I placed the vellum, pencil side down, onto the carving block and used my nail to transfer the pencil onto the carving block. The image should be mirrored from the print-out

4. Go over any parts of the image that did not transfer completely with pencil

5. Cut around the image to cut down the working area and to save the rest of the carving block for future stamps

6. Start carving by using the smallest nib for detail then move onto the larger nibs to take away chunks!


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