One of my other hobbies!

Photography and eating are not the only hobbies that I have! I actually do a lot of random crafts and I recently got into scrapbooking and paper crafts in general. A few months ago, I bought myself a die cutting machine called the Silhouette Cameo and since then I have been trying to find things to do with it. Several people have borrowed it before but I wanted to make sure that I actually used it to get the most out of it.

Last month for Mother's day, I used it to create 12 cards to hand out to all the women in my both my family and my husbands. All cards were made using card stock and cut using my machine. The cards were made using a template I bought off of the Silhouette Cameo's online store and the envelope was designed by me.

Well, we are less than a week away from Father's day so of course I had to make more cards. I can't let the men in my family feel left out! This time, I wanted to do something different and actually design my own cards. I started to look online for inspiration and I found plenty. I ended up with two different designs.

The first design was meant for all the uncles in the family. I had used a silhouette of a tie and rather than have all 4 ties cut out, I used the designer software that came with the die cutter to put a bit of a pattern in it. I then decorated it by adding a striped background and washi tape to the front

The second design is meant for my dad and father in law. Every layer to this card was also cut using the designer software so that I wouldn't have to do any calculations to make sure that each layer was smaller than the previous one. The hammer is also cut out and I used double sided tape to stick it to the card, which gave it a nice 3D effect.

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