Throwback Thursday: Seattle, Washington

After our Alaskan cruise, we had some time left to roam around Seattle before our flight back to NYC. Since we were already two weeks into our trip, we didn't really plan for things to do in Seattle so we just ended up walking around. 

We ended up walking to the Public Market where we waited for someone to buy fish at the  Pike place fish company so we can see them throwing it around. We probably stood there for a good 15 minutes with other tourists watching them do their thing.

After roaming around there for a bit and eating, we ended up walking to Bill Speidel's underground tour which gave a nice history of the city of Seattle and where it all came from. In all honesty, I was a bit creeped out during the tour because the tour guide was talking about how some people have seen ghosts on these tours. I don't care if they were just joking around but I don't mess with those things!

I really do want to go back to Seattle though. I have to admit we were a bit lazy to go see things after our cruise, but I think it is worth a trip out to the west coast again just to visit.

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