Kollaboration New York Spotlight at Toshi's living room! 06/26/2014

For those who didn't know, I actually volunteer my time to work as a photographer for an amazing organization called Kollaboration. The organization strives to empower Asian and Pacific Islanders to follow their creative dreams. Annually we host a showcase with finalists who compete to be part of the Los Angeles show. Kollaboration is currently found in 13 different cities and if you are interested in learning more, go check out the main website! You can also check out New York's website as well for more blog posts about our finalists for our showcase in August.

On June 26th, we had a live show where we had four different performers took the stage to show their talent. From this years finalists, we had two amazing groups perform who are completely different in genre but they knew how to wow the crowds.

Yut and the Hot four - A modern string quartet with percussion that covers songs from different genres, including gangster rap! I have seen them perform live in two occasions and they have a ton of energy when they do. When I first heard about them, I couldn't stop watching their Youtube videos!

Red Oak Lane - A group of five young guys who had met each other due to their love of music. They have only been a band for 6 months, but don't pass judgement on them due to that. If you ever have the chance to watch them live, they look like they have known each other for years.

The last two performers were from last years showcase and it was such a good idea to mix and match alumni with the new finalists.

Shilpa - Finalist from last year who has recently been featured on Channel one news. She has also recently released a video for her original song "Renegade"! Go check her out, she has an amazing voice!

Izzy - Winner of last years show, this guy knows how to work the stage. He got the entire place to participate and had a few people dancing on the side to his music.

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