Roadtrip!! Arizona/Utah/Nevada in November!

I absolutely can't wait for November of this year when I head out to Arizona for a nice roadtrip with 5 other people. It will be a week filled with laughter, beautiful landscapes, and hiking. We don't have much of our itinerary planned out yet except for the flights but that shouldn't be a problem since we have a lot of time before we leave.

Places that we will definitely be visiting during our week out there:

  • VEGAS! Believe it or not, I have never been to Vegas and it will actually be my first time. We are flying in and out of Vegas but have a very limited out of time here anyway so most of it will probably be spent eating

  • Grand Canyon! We will most likely be heading over to the South rim since that is part of Grand Canyon National park to see some of the views. 

  • Zion national park. We will also be heading over to Utah to visit Zion National park for some beautiful views over there as well

  • Antelope Canyon. This is going to be the highlight of our trip because this is the one spot that all of us are looking forward to see. We will most likely visit the upper canyon for the photo tours

  • Arizona Vermilion cliffs, just recently added because of some photos I found online. Beautiful isn't it?

It's going to be a long drive be honestly we are all drivers so we can split up the time anyway (MAP BELOW). This is going to be an amazing time and I can't wait for November to come around already! I will be using hashtag #ChandemicRoadtrip on instagram to post photos along the way. So if you are interested, you know where you can find me =)

All photos downloaded from with a free account since I have not visited any of these locations yet. By the end of the trip I will be able to share my own!

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