Crafting Days!: A big happy birthday card!

Last week my husband turned 30 so for the big occasion I decided to make the biggest card I have ever made! Sorry for the lack of pictures, I was making this card while I had a fever so most of it was rushed.

This card is made using two 8.5x11 pieces of card stock joined together with a strip. I had cut a bunch of balloons and bought bakers twine to use as the string. Rather than glue all of the string to the paper, I just let it hang off of the card. This card was actually not my design but rather it was found on pinterest so I can't really take credit for it =).

The only thing that made it mine was the fact that I wrote a nice little note (not pictured) for my husband. Hey, sometimes someone else will have the perfect idea out there for you. No need to reinvent the wheel!

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