Crafting Days! : Citronella candles

This past weekend we had a BBQ get together and I decided last minute to add some Lord of The Rings inspired decorations. I will feature some of the other things at another time but this blog post will only be about the candles that I made.

A few years back, I bought a candle making kit from Michaels and never really found the time to use it. It included two pounds of wax, coloring, wick, and a mold. I think I waited because I never really found out where to buy Citronella oil until last week. I bought the citronella oil from the Vitamin Shoppe and at first I was afraid it wouldn't work but after lighting them up, most of the mosquitoes stopped biting!

To make sure that the candles fit the theme, I cut a silhouette out of paper of the fellowship and used mod podge to glue it onto mason jars. The jars were from a wedding that I went to a year ago. Yay for recycling!! Honestly, DIY candles are REALLY easy! Just make sure you have a pot or a glass measuring cup that you don't mind melting wax in.


Step 1 : Melt wax in a double boiler/mixing bowl/old pot, melt wax until it is 200 degrees Fahrenheit

Step 2: While the wax is melting, prepare your candle holder by adding a wick. I used mason jars and tied the wick to a chopstick.

Step 3. After the wax has melted and has reached the right temp, remove from the heat source and stir in citronella oil. Roughly 3 drops per cup of wax is recommended.

Step 4. Pour wax into the vessels and let cool!

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