Vacation Visual Diary - Day 6 Angel's Landing and Canyon Overlook hikes

Aside from the day at Antelope Canyon, this was another day that I was looking forward to with excitement and probably fear. This day we were going to hike Angel's Landing which is very steep and at some points, very narrow. For those that don't know, I am actually afraid of heights and doing this was going to take a lot of guts on my part. There were definitely some spots that had only 2 feet of space and from there it was a straight drop down to the bottom.

The view from up top was absolutely amazing even though we got there in the middle of the day so the sun was very harsh. We made do with we were given when it came to photos but it was all about the hiking experience rather than the photos when you are up at the top!

After Angel's Landing we headed over to Canyon Overlook point where we sat and waited for sunset. This day left me wanting more out of Zion and we will be back in the very near future.

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