Vacation Visual Diary - Day 3 On the road, Horseshoe bend and a failed meteor shower =(

On day three we left Grand Canyon and headed West towards Page, Arizona. Along the way, we stopped at a random roadside overlook that had a tiny shop selling souvenirs. At the overlook, we hung out and took some photos while making sure we did not see any of the wildlife that was listed on the sign (i.e. rattlesnakes, scorpions).

Once we hit Page, we dropped off our stuff at the hotel and made it to Horseshoe bend where we caught the sunset with what looked like 2-3 other tour buses. The area was very large so we never had to fight for a spot but there were a lot of younger people hanging off of the side of the cliffs. Now, I don't mind what people do with their lives half the time, but when you are close to falling off of a cliff and screaming at the top of your lungs, it does not go well for my stomach. We stayed until a little after sunset to rest before going back out again.

After dinner, we made our way back out to Horseshoe bend take some more night time photography. We actually didn't know that this night was the best time to see Leonid meteor showers and we were all super excited despite the freezing temperatures. With the wind, the real feel was about 15 degrees and our hand warmers weren't working!

Unfortunately, I didn't catch any meteors on camera but I will next time! I already have a plan, aka buy a fish eye, point it straight up, lay down on the ground and let a time lapse app do everything. I was really unprepared for the meteor shower and I couldn't catch a meteor across the frame that night. However I did see some beautiful ones with long colorful tails for my first time, which I am very excited about.

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