Throwback Thursday - Chicago

Ah, Chicago. The city of deep dish pizzas, Chicago style hot dogs, and brutal winters. Back in October 2013, I had the chance of visiting for a few days and I was determined to fit as much as I could into the four days there. The city actually reminds me of NYC but much, much smaller. We were able to walk from Chinatown all the way back up to our hotel at the Near North side portion of Chicago in one day.


If I were to compare deep dish to think crust, I actually prefer thin crust. This is not because I am from NYC but it is because deep dish pizza is crispier than thin. I don't like it when crispy bread gets stuck in between my teeth so I am pretty much saying I love that soggy slice of pizza =).

Hot dogs:

Three words. OH. MY. GOODNESS. You MUST try Portillos if you are in Chicago. Rather than the Chicago style hotdog, I HIGHLY recommend the sausage (Char-grilled maxwell street style Polish sausage). It was so juicy and tasted amazing with the onions.


You might think that being from New York I am used to the bright lights and would not find beauty in another city. In the time we were there we walked around most of the city and I must say that the city is super clean. Since I didn't have much time in Chicago, I went to the places all tourists would go : Buckingham fountain (aka Married with Children fountain), the "bean", Chinatown, etc. Hopefully I'll get to go back soon!

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