Breakfast: Window "shopping" on Pinterest

So this morning, I woke up and asked my husband, "What's for breakfast?". He thought for some time and then told me there were muffins outside on the kitchen table. Half awake, I rolled over and grabbed my phone and proceeded to look for food pictures of muffins on Pinterest. I needed inspiration and guidance and I was hoping that I was going to find that by looking at what other photographers have done.

Many of the photos I found had a lot of extra props and since I just started this journey, I don't have many of those. (A post on prop hunting will be published later) I wanted something simple and not overly complicated with sugar or fruit props etc. After some searching, I decided to just go into the kitchen and look for different plates, tablecloths etc and I found this metal circular pan that had holes in it. The feature picture for this post is what came out of it and I'm pretty happy.

Food photography in my opinion does not have to be perfect, all it needs to do is make you want to eat whatever is in that photo.

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