Jin Ramen: Morningside Heights, NYC

With all of the different types of food that is available at my disposal in NYC, my definite favorite is ramen! I have had ramen at many places (Ippudo, HinoMaru, etc) but the best place in my opinion is Jin Ramen found in Morningside Heights. Click here for their site.

Situated right off of the 125th street 1 train stop, it is quite a trek from Midtown but it is so worth it! We got there exactly at 7pm (I remember this because we didn't have to pay for parking) on a Friday and it was packed. I originally thought that with just two of us, we would be able to sit down quicker but we still had to wait about 40 minutes. The general rule of thumb is, if there are a lot of people waiting outside to get in, then it must be amazing!

I must say, amazing it was. This was my second time there so I knew exactly what I wanted : Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen with a second bowl of noodles. Since we were so hungry, we also ordered two appetizers!

Chicken Gyoza Dumplings: came with 6 dumplings that is made by hand daily!

Nankotsu Kara-age: Fried chicken that was so moist with amazing seasoning! I didn't get to order this the first time we came to eat here but I know I am going to be ordering this in the future. The chicken is still moist and it has the right amount of salt for each bite. If you eat it with the salad that it comes with, it is drool worthy.

Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen : The broth is full of flavor and it is not salty at all. I also ordered extra bamboo shoots because I absolutely love them. Without additions, one order comes with a piece of seaweed, half an egg, slices of pork, bamboo shoots, and straight noodles. Just writing this up right now makes me want to go back and eat it again. 

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